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Allora Labs aims to provide fast, comprehensive and independent product testing services to the legacy cannabis market.

Cannabis is a natural product that is produced by innumerable growers across the world under a variety of circumstances.

For the legacy market, there is no formal professional education for growers, no recognized cannabis quality standard, and no or limited regulation of cannabis production.

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Although our activity is focused on the sector of cannabis associations and private users, we also offer training and consultancy services to institutions and companies, with the sole objective of fostering consumer safety activities.

At the heart of our project is the analysis of cannabinoids and terpenes. We analyze, advise and train both users and professionals on the importance of terpenes as an RdR strategy in the cannabis field. We are currently carrying out a pilot study with the Federació d’Associacions Cannabiques de Catalunya (CatFAC) in which we not only analyze samples from associations but also carry out training for both association staff and users.

Be aware of what you offer

Make your Cannabis Social Clubmore secure with us

We work with a variety of organizations and offer specialized services for social clubs, seedsbanks, cultivators, CBD product developers and more. We help them to implement processes such as monitoring the production of active ingredients in plants or how to easily and consistently dose infused products.

We will provide your staff and products with all the education, material and tools to answer any questions of members to consume responsibly.

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Allora Labs & Energy Control’s Workshop

Learn how to differenciate cannabis strains from their aroma

Cannabinoids and terpenes are the main active compounds in cannabis that are responsible for its effects. Whilst Delta-9 THC does most of the heavy lifting, the different characteristics that make your product an upper or a downer and decided by the terpene content. Smelly compounds with a wide range of effects from focused and energized to sleepy and relaxed.

During our interactive workshop we will give you all the tools to assess your cannabis products by what you can see, feel and smell.

The connection between smell and effects

Genotype, Phenotype and Chemotype: different perspectives for assessing Cannabis.

Using your senses: eyes, hands and nose

How to evaluate your cannabis with visual inspection, touch, and smell.

Active compounds in cannabis

Psychotropic and psychoactive compounds in Cannabis.

The fragrant and colourful world of terpenes

Predicting effects by identifying the terpenes in Cannabis.

Test your products with us

Ensure the safety and understand the value of your products

The Cannabis offered to the processing industry and retailers is of uncertain and variable quality. The quality and quantity of the active ingredients are unspecified and concerns the public regarding contamination with pesticides, fungi and fraudulent additives such as hairspray, glass, and metals.

This is a serious concern to a growing group of professional retailers, knowledgeable consumers and health authorities who express the need for professional and independent quality control and assurance.

Our analysis service is a fast, simple, and precise way to test your product, with a laboratory grade analysis.

GC Analysis

Get your cannabis sample tested 

We analyse any type of substance containing cannabinoids, whether they are flowers, extracts, oils or derivatives.

Cannabis analysis with Gas Chromatography (GC)

Our Gas Chromatography system is a medical marijuana analyzer that tests marijuana for the main cannabinoids, and terpenes, as well as residual solvents, etc.

Review the data

Your result just 72 hours after we receive the sample

We do not limit ourselves to communicating results, we offer support to facilitate the interpretation of results.
  • Cannabinoids
  • Terpenes
  • Residual Solvents
  • HHC

real Information

Provide information based on real data

We offer advice for the implementation of RdR strategies, always in close dialogue with our collaborators.

Make the right choises

We offerConsulting Services to make you better at what you do

At Allora Labs we offer a variety of consulting services to make you better at what you do – cultivating, researching, formulating, and ensuring quality.

Although our activity is focused on the sector of cannabis associations and private users, we also offer training and consultancy services to institutions and companies, with the sole objective of fostering consumer safety activities.

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Cannabinoids and terpenes laboratory 😎 100% recommended

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We present our laboratory as an open door laboratory, we invite any collaborator to visit us at our facilities and to be part of our development process.

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