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All tests are performed by Gas-Chromatography paired with a flame ionization detector.


Fun and hands-on workshop to provide a deeper understand of the connection between the smell and effects of Cannabis.


We offer a variety of consulting services to make you better at what you do – cultivating, researching, formulating, and ensuring quality.

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We are totally committed in testing for knowing

Allora Labs aims to provide fast, comprehensive and independent product testing services to the cannabis retail market.

Cannabis is a natural product that is produced by innumerable growers across the world under a variety of circumstances and often not professionally. Generally, there is no formal professional education for growers, no recognized cannabis quality standard, and no or limited regulation of cannabis production.

As a result, cannabis offered to the processing industry and retailers is of uncertain and variable quality. The quality and quantity of the active ingredients are unspecified and concerns the public regarding contamination with pesticides, fungi and fraudulent additives such as hairspray, glass, and metals. This is a serious concern to a growing group of professional retailers, knowledgeable consumers and health authorities who express the need for professional and independent quality control and assurance.

Our Mission

Allora Labs’ mission is two-fold. Firstly, we will provide fast, broad and high quality laboratory services to the cannabis retail market. Secondly, we will stimulate healthy growth of the recreational and medical cannabis markets by supporting scientific research and the development of effective regulation through direct funding, offering research positions and sharing of our knowledge of cannabis quality assurance.

Philosophy and Vision

Our philosophy is founded on the following values:

  • Integrity: delivery of services in full legal compliance, independent and uncompromised.
  • Transparency: full accountability, clarity of purpose and relationships without conflicts of interest.
  • Quality: reliable, consistent service, top-of-the-line product range supported by competent staff.
  • Responsibility: specialised services in the interest of the customers, business owners, public health and sharing of knowledge.
  • Innovation: active involvement in the progression of cannabis sciences and front runner in the application of advanced laboratory services.

Why to choose us

There is a growing group of cannabis retailers (´coffeeshops´ and “social clubs”) that welcome professional new players who support the move towards a healthy, legalised and well-regulated cannabis industry.

We believe that a strong science base is fundamental to the establishment of such an industry and that our active participation benefits the industry, regulators and the general public interest.

Our vision is to become the leading laboratory services provider to the legacy cannabis industry in Europe with laboratories in the 10-15 main recreational cannabis centres.

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La Sagrada Maria Club

Cannabinoids and terpenes laboratory 😎 100% recommended

Through our innovation, knowledge and integrity we will become the golden standard in cannabis quality assurance and as a result a trusted partner to academia and regulators