About Allora Labs

Allora Labs is more than a cannabis analysis laboratory. We aim to go beyond results and guarantee the quality and safety of the cannabis sector in a context of unregulated policies.

We are involved in Risk Reduction (R & R) projects and programs in collaboration with the private sector. We work with Energy Control, the Federation of Cannabis Associations of Catalonia (catFAC) and Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC) to conduct studies on cannabis. We also participate in educational programs on cannabis and public health with RdR Cannabis and the Department of Health, Generalitat de Catalunya.

We offer our services to private companies, seed banks, CBD producers/distributors, and cannabis farmers to ensure the safety, quality and composition of their products. We provide personalised attention to all our clients and help them optimise their cannabis varieties.

We believe that cannabis is more than just cannabinoids. We are constantly exploring the plant and its surroundings in a changing legal environment. We work for the quality of the plant and the safety of people.

From our headquarters in Barcelona, we are active partners of the Cannabis Hub of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). We have a local and European presence, with partners, collaborators and customers in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany. We are committed to building and ensuring quality and safety in the cannabis sector in Europe.

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