Allora Labs helps you measure your Cannabis

Whether you are a business or consumer, we want to make things easy and accessible. In short, we provide our services to ensure safety, evaluate quality and share knowledge.

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This is how Allora Labs helps you measure Cannabis

Allora Labs helps you measure your Cannabis with Gas Chromatography (GC-FID) and RT-LAMP technologies.
We analyse any type of substance for cannabinoids and terpenes whether they are flowers, extracts, oils, edibles or derivatives.

Send a sample

Track your sample from collection to receiving your results

Order your analysis, prepare your sample and make use of our sample collection service to arrange a pickup the following day.

Get your results within 3 working days after receiving the sample in the laboratory.

Easily manage your analysis with our user portal

Customise your analysis to easily integrate into your workflow.

Let us do the volumetric unit conversion for you or add your logo to represent your brand to customers.

Want even more? – Bring your brand’s vision to life with a custom design.

Allora Labs makes it easy for you to access your results

Access your analysis anytime, anywhere.

From the user portal you can securely view all your results, download your results as PDF, share the URL or scan the QR code.

Easily keep track of your results and invoices

Allora Labs makes it easy for you to keep track of your analysis and invoices. Our online platform allows you to access your results and invoices anytime, anywhere.

Empower your team with professional training

The Cannabis industry is filled with challenges and obstacles. At Allora Labs we make sure that access to knowledge and information is not one of them.

We offer interactive workshops for consumers, professional training and consultancy sessions in person or via video call.

Get the most out of your analysis with us

Unlock the full potential of your analysis with an in-depth conversation with us on video call or in Barcelona. Our experts will help you understand the results and provide you with actionable insights to improve your business.

We’re always here to help. If you have any questions or thoughts, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Stay productive, let Allora Labs do the work

Our independent analysis ensures that your products are safe and reliable. Trust us to help you measure your cannabis and grow your business. For each sample 10% of our proceeds go back to harm reduction purposes.

Meet Xoan, Ramon and David, the team behind Allora Labs. We are dedicated to providing reliable and accurate testing services for the Cannabis industry.

Our mission is to ensure the safety of public health and the highest standards of integrity, transparency and sustainability. We started our work in 2020, with the vision of creating a better world for cannabis consumers and producers alike.

We collaborate with partners to develop actionable harm reduction strategies for the cannabis community, develop effective regulations and move the industry forward together.

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