Technical information

Reference Standards, Solvents, Methods and Instrument Settings.

Gas Chromatography

We use an Agilent GC with a FID detector for our analysis, with Helium as the carrier gas.

We start our oven temperature program at a low temperature, to preserve the terpenes in the sample.

We set our Split/Splitless injector at 310 ºC, to ensure full decarboxylation and vaporisation of the sample.

Column Specifications

We use a HP-50+ capillary column by Agilent for our analysis.
(30 m × 0.25 mm × 0.25 µm film thickness)

This column provides great resolution for identifying terpenes and stellar separation of cannabinoid peaks, including CBD and CBC, which often co-eludes in other columns and methods.

Reference Standards

We use high-quality HPLC reference standards for our cannabis analysis.

We source our Terpene reference standards from LGC Standards, a leading provider of certified reference materials and we use n-hexane as the solvent for preparing Terpene standards.

Our Cannabinoid reference standards are sourced from LGC Standards and NSI Solutions, both accredited suppliers of analytical standards.

We use acetone as the solvent for preparing Cannabinoid standards and samples for its efficiency and environmental advantages over alternative solvents.

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